Welcome To NEST Academy of Sport Management.
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Lectures are delivered by:

  1. An experienced core team of faculties
  2. Visiting faculties from Top Management Colleges
  3. Experts from Sports Management Industry

Assignments & Projects:

  1. Are assigned at regular intervals of the course
  2. Offer an opportunity for students to meet, interact and collaborate with the experienced experts from the Sports industry
  3. We strongly recommend and adopt the mentor-mentee model where our dedicated team of professors guide the students at every stage of their project


Are organized at regular intervals to keep the students informed about the latest developments in the Sports Industry Uniquely designed with a focus on practical topics Short-listed by our team of experts after extensively discussions and brainstorming sessions

Master Class:

NASM creates immense opportunities for the students to interact with leading business aficionados and enlighten themselves about various businesses through projects and activities.

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